Tuscan weddings can be hard. The countryside is so beautiful in that part of Italy (ahem, ALL of Italy) so it really is a task to build a beautiful wedding that stands next to the stunning country, both complementing it and living up to it. But as we see with this fairy tale soiree, if you’ve got Efffetti Wedding Planners & Events in Tuscany on your side, you have nothing to worry about. Studio Bonon Photography’s images of the day show a wedding that is nothing short of perfect under that beautiful Tuscan sun.



Two Aussies tied the knot in Italy, and thanks to Efffetti Wedding Planners & Events in Italy, it doesn’t get prettier than what you are about to see. Jay Studio captured the essence of the Italian destination wedding, and we are simply smitten!


Hannah and Ryan came all the way from Houston, Texas to Tuscany to tie the knot. They enlisted the wedding planning services of Efffetti and chose Castle Santa Maria Novella as their location. It is the perfect venue for an exclusive and romantic, but chic wedding with character… After the catholic blessing under the centuries-old citron tree on the lawn of the castle, their reception was held in the castle courtyard. Makes you want to pack your bags and book a flight to Italy, doesn’t it?


Imagine getting married and living in a 17th century villa located on the rolling hills of romantic Tuscany. For this couple, a magical week at Villa Boccella was a wedding dream come true. Surrounded by their closest friends and family and entrusting every little detail to a fantastic Italian dream team of wedding professionals, this was the event of a lifetime.


Happy Friday my lovelies! Let’s begin the first weekend of 2015 with an intimate and romantic destination wedding in the land of medieval hilltop towns, vast historic landscapes and of course, wine. Tuscany. This sweet couple celebrated their “I Dos” in this centuries old open roof Abbey located near Siena. Enjoy!


Now that we’ve feasted our eyes on not one but two amazing Jen Huang weddings from Cape Cod to Singapore, we’re rounding out our world tour of pretty in a little place called Florence. It’s what happens when an Irish couple opts for a destination wedding, and brings Fly Away Bride, House Of Hannah, and of course Jen and her camera lens along for the ride. And just when you think it can’t get any better, let me direct you to the gorgeous full gallery.

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